Monday, February 01, 2016


This bomber jacket fell into my possession a couple hours before boarding a plane from Portland to Los Angeles just in time for the new year. It was green, it was oversized and it seemed to be the natural progression from the litany of army jumpsuits I wore all of last summer. In short, I had to take it home, even if it meant wearing three layers of coats on the flight back. Since then, I have yet to experience a morning where I haven't instinctively reached for it first thing. It feels almost as if the jacket is my muse, which I'm kind of into. The fashion industry has long championed the muses as inspiration for brands and designers, but most often its felt that it was singularly the women who could inspire the men (Sofia Coppola for Marc Jacobs, Carine Roitefield for Tom Ford, among many others). Why not take an inanimate object and have it inspire, yea?

 photo jackettime 4 of 10_zpsdcbbknzk.jpg photo jackettime 2 of 10_zpsup17afyg.jpg photo jackettime 10 of 10_zpsomsi6rer.jpg photo jackettime 9 of 10_zpswsrwstgw.jpg photo jackettime 3 of 10_zpsx1vvqcgu.jpg photo jackettime 6 of 10_zpsnzna5nbg.jpg
Vintage bomber jacket and Levis 501s, yellow birkenstocks and Vince bag.

Friday, January 08, 2016

2016, baby

Writing on here used to feel like a task, and then it felt like a joy, and then it didn't feel like anything at all. I've been doing this for seven years, which is a hell of a long time to devote yourself to something. It's been at once an outlet and a platform; a broadcast and a diary. The last couple months were too frenetic and varied to find any sort of stability with posting, but with the turn of the new year I'm feeling it's time for a change. I want to put an emphasis on the art aspect of all of this, not just the flagrant commercialism (and by osmosis, capitalism gah) that can be associated with this type of medium. It can be easy to get caught up in fashion's glitzy world of trend and consumption, and I've always battled that line both within myself and on here too. With the new year, and my goal of "amping it up" in all aspects of my life (read: writing every day, wearing heels wherever, leather jackets where its not appropriate etc.) I also want to dive into that elusive more on the blog. Maybe that means less posts, but quality over quantity, right?

For now, here are some images that feel evocative to me. Being delicate and feminine but still powerful and in charge, with swimsuits and body love and bomber jackets that make you feel like a NASA pilot-to-be. Here's to a great year. 2016, baby.
 photo tumblr_nk3e7xZupK1truof4o1_540_zpszrrw7eda.jpg photo tumblr_nt3a0aN7ba1qbg2pgo1_500_zpsqoledh4c.jpg photo tumblr_ntk4vi0gzV1qfk4ono2_400_zpsw5vtfzrq.jpg photo tumblr_nv06anPOca1qfrtudo1_540_zpsmcqvoce3.jpg photo tumblr_nxmwbbNADG1r06q46o1_540_zps2wtzruvz.jpg photo tumblr_nq814blC5m1rrns0oo1_500_zpsnaoofogp.jpg photo tumblr_noizrdkwl21tr6q14o1_540_zps3an8uv8s.jpg photo tumblr_nyb3532eWW1qf49p9o1_540_zps3baoja5m.jpg photo tumblr_nxtk5nRCXj1qah5ozo1_500_zpszrbasmj9.jpg photo tumblr_nvo0gqPKok1qgeg3ho2_400_zpsojzbscwa.jpg photo Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.41.46 PM_zpskj6merej.png photo tumblr_nyklub4bLw1qfx583o1_500_zpsp5xg4qxq.jpg photo tumblr_nytvc8QVrZ1rq03t7o1_500_zpsflcg4eiy.jpg photo tumblr_nvuf6g0GaS1qe9n3bo1_500_zpsy0fqodmq.jpg


Monday, November 23, 2015

Just wanna be in bed

My friends just moved into an apartment in Venice and we took these photos last weekend after exploring Abbott Kinney and enjoying the cold weather. I've been throwing on this marled gray American Apparel crop with my favorite denim as of late. The semester is almost over and-- by osmosis-- the year, and I couldn't be more thankful to turn over a new leaf. Some amazing things have happened in the last several months, but I'm looking to get back into a groove with a new internship and hopefully new car. For now, I just wanna lie in bed and try to plow through the ten books I've got in rotation at all times.
 photo vsco-photo-5_zpsnyb4jtic.jpg photo vsco-photo-2 2_zps1y6bykjc.jpg photo vsco-photo-5 2_zpsittgz4oi.jpg photo vsco-photo-4 3_zps70rkfxsz.jpg photo vsco-photo-1 4_zpsqa1jmcqa.jpg photo VeniceBaby 28 of 29_zpsjsxyl9ag.jpg photo vsco-photo-3 3_zps8oy0ilae.jpg

American Apparel knit crop top, Calvin Klein jeans, Uniqlo white sweatshirt and Calvin Klein Modern Cotton bra top and underwear.


Monday, November 16, 2015

New Beginnings

Wow. It has ben such a long, long time since I last posted. The longest in the history of this blog, in fact-- which has been a part of my life for 7 years now. The future is uncertain in a lot of ways but I'd love to be able to explain my absence on here.

In the last several weeks, I moved from my house-- where I was commuting from school for a month-- to a beautiful historical West Adams victorian mansion, left my internship of this summer, almost went insane during midterms, made a ton of new friends I envision knowing for a long time... and totaled my car. These photos below are from the day of the crash-- taken a couple hours before. I'm putting them up and releasing them so I can hopefully begin the healing process. It's been both challenging and immensely rewarding to learn how to navigate life without a car. For one, its placed me firmly in school-- a good thing considering most of my adult life has been spent driving around LA's traffic-ridden streets, even when I should probably be in the library studying. It's also allowed me to trust and depend on others (something I've felt hesitant to do in the past) as well as required me to let go of the reigns a little bit and see where life takes me. I'm not sure when I'll get behind the wheel again (theoretically I have an internship lined up for the spring) but for now I'm learning to live in a different way.

These photos are of my new room in the house. The bedding is all from Urban Outfitters as well as the lamp, which I adore. I also put up some of my film photos because I've been getting back into photography lately. Hopefully some of that will show up on the blog soon, but for now, I hope my absence has been a little bit explained. You can still follow my day to day on instagram as well.
 photo VeniceBaby 2 of 29_zps2sfdroxc.jpg photo VeniceBaby 1 of 29_zpsklsfkmv6.jpg photo VeniceBaby 1 of 2_zpsqk4kivr4.jpg photo VeniceBaby 2 of 2_zpsnabh7vrl.jpg photo VeniceBaby 3 of 29_zpstksleuza.jpg

Plum and Bow pom pom duvet cover, Assembly home shaggy pillow, Hooked stripe weave pillow, Gumball desk lamp, and firefly string lights.

Until next time xox

Monday, October 12, 2015

On Why I Love Overalls

In 2013, I started film school at USC with a basic idea of the stories I loved but with little idea of which stories I wanted to make. I knew I adored specific, quirky films like The Royal Tenenbaums and broad comedies like Bridesmaids... yet somewhere in there I also found myself devouring movies like Oblivion and Prometheus and JJ Abrams' Star Trek. My tastes, I felt, were all over the place. But throughout the last 2+ years of college, I've consumed probably enough media to last a lifetime but through that, I've finally come to the conclusion that Science Fiction was the genre I most feel at home with. There's something about the worlds and ideas that are created that ultimately leave me completely inspired and impassioned.

Which brings me to this summer. As I was directing my first big short film (read about that here) I realized that I needed to plunge into the aesthetics/world of what I wanted to appear on screen in order to really get a sense and make the right choices when I got on set (side note: when you're working on such a low budget, you basically inhabit every role: director, writer, producer, set designer, costume designer etc. and so on). The character I wrote in the short has been stripped of his personality (you'll see what I mean soon!) and so I put him in basic tees and cargo pants, which is what I also had been wearing off camera too. From cargo pants I expanded into jumpsuits and overalls and fell absolutely in love with the roomy interiors and zippers and pockets that weren't just aesthetically interesting but also practical as hell. They reminded me of my favorite protagonists (like Kate from LOST and Dr. Halloway in Prometheus) who were badass and immensely capable and somehow managed to looked amazing and totally feminine in "manly" oversized pants and plain tank tops and simple make up. Now, when I need to feel empowered and in charge, I grab these vintage deadstock Liberty overalls and I'm out the door in no time. From now on, I'm just trying to channel that sci-fi aesthetic.
 photo vscocam-photo-2 2_zpst5ebbdik.jpg photo vscocam-photo-1 2_zps6ukil3dd.jpg photo vscocam-photo-5_zpshvereikg.jpg photo vscocam-photo-3_zpsr3p3na2x.jpg photo vscocam-photo-4_zpsrt7blhgz.jpg
Urban Renewal Liberty overalls, Birkenstock Arizona slip ons (on sale now!), Forever 21 tank and vintage gold necklace.